Video of the Week 12/15 – Music, the internet, and possibility

Usman Riaz discusses his use of the internet to learn how to play music in unconventional ways and how this inspires him to wonder how it could be used to learn anything the world offers.

Journal: What do you think?  Does a teacher have to be someone you know?  Have you ever used the internet to learn something new?  Have you ever used the internet to learning something musical?

Spotted! Takoma park musicians!

This week was full of Takoma music.

I spotted 6th grade chorus member Anna Grace O’Malley performing during the intermission of The Washington Revels Holiday Concert.  I didn’t know she fiddled!  You go Anna Grace!


Then on Tuesday and Wednesday nights the band and orchestra from Takoma, under the direction of Mrs. Holly Pasquale, performed for their families, friends, and the Takoma community.  I was able to make it to the Wednesday performance to see the beginning band, intermediate band, intermediate orchestra, and the jazz band.  Here are two excerpts from the intermediate bands and orchestras.  Congrats on a great performance!


Fête de l’Escalade: December 11-12

Casharelle Bonard in 6th grade chorus clued me in on festival celebrated in Geneva, Switzerland where she used to live and asked if I’d share a little about it with you all.

Every year, the Swiss celebrate the defeat of a surprise attack on Geneva by the French Duke of Savoy (Charles Emmanuel I) in 1602.  According to legend, Catherine Cheynel who lived with her husband and 14 children above the Gate of Geneva seized a large cauldron of boiling soup and poured it on the top of the attackers.  According to legend, this caused such a commotion that the citizens of the city rose up and defeated their attackers.

Every year on Fête de l’Escalade, schools serve vegetable soup to students and families, students go door to door singing for money, there is a parade through town and teenagers participate in a mock fight in which they throw flour, eggs, and shaving cream at each other in the central square of Geneva (which she found really funny!).

Here is a video showing some of the sights and sounds of the festival including a song that tells the story of Fête de l’Escalade.  Enjoy!

Video of the Week(end) 12/1 – Beatboxer Tom Thum

This video was sent to me by Janneth in period 4 chorus.  Check this guy out!

Journal:  What do you think?  How do you think Tom Thum discovered all the sounds he is able to make?  How does Tom Thum’s use of his voice for beatboxing relate to the way we communicate with others with our voices?