Best Day of My Life: The Rock in Schools Story

A number of middle school in Montgomery County are featured in this upcoming documentary about using rock and pop in music education as a viable, exciting, and fun way to approach the curriculum.  Though the trailer doesn’t feature us much, Takoma general music classes will be featured in the full length documentary.

The original idea for the movie came from Ms. Randi Levy at Roberto Clemente Middle School who started the Rock in Schools program at her school.  A number of other teachers around the school system (including us) have also started using pop and rock instruments and the teachers at these schools wanted to find a way to help spread the word about these programs, raise money to help other schools afford instruments and equipment, and to provide training to teachers to implement similar programs.

Please watch the trailer below, like it on youtube and share it with your friends and family.  Let’s do our part to help other schools bring programs like these into the culture of their schools.  Our goal is to get 250,000 likes on Youtube.  Rock on Takoma!